• Are you facing serious price fighting in your market?

  • Is your market full of similar products?

  • Is your profit getting less and less day by day?

  • Do you want some special products?

  • Have you worked out any solutions to solve the above problems?

We are your Solution!

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Nice to meet you here!

Yupurong Construction Materials Ltd. is specialized in quality products made in China. Based on our manufacturer - SANWON CERAMIC, we are supplying selected porcelain tiles, which is different from the normal ones full in the market. Choosing us, you will be out of serious price fighting and stand well. 

Even your market is new to us, we will not cooperate with several importers or distributors in the same market. Sooner or later, we will enter your market, and of course we would like you to be one of us, and possibly the only one in your market. Hope you are interested in and can catch the chance.

I am always looking forward to your contact for details.

Thank you.